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Tieton River Sept 1-3 2007

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Labor day weekend on the Tieton river. I had my first runs in my new Stilletto IK (Inflatable Kayak).
I tried the movie feature on my camera this weekend. I reformatted the video for Windows Media Video, which is much more compressed than the files I originally posted, and should download faster.

Please be patient while the pictures load...

Day 1: Rigging boats at the launch. The small boat in the center foreground is my new Stilletto IK.

We're off! It's a long drive to get here so we launched late, about 3:00 in the afternoon.

My first attempt at a movie; I was holding the camera instead of paddling. I waited too long to put the camera down and grabb my paddle to avoid a flip and swim.


A professional photographer riverside got a sequence of photos of my swim in the rapid: www.snowdragonphotos.com
(Photos 52 thru 60 in the IK group on 09/01/2007.)


Movie: approaching and running the diversion dam.

Looking upstream at the low head diversion dam.

We usually stop here for lunch or a snack.


P9010039 WMV Movie




I didn't take any pictures on the river today; I inadvertantly left my camera in my truck. It was probably for the better, since I could focus more on paddling and not swimming.
Bill has more pictures on his web site.

One of a sequence of photos taken by a professional photographer for www.snowdragonphotos.com.

(Photos 61 thru 76 in the IK group on 09/02/2007.)

What I see lying on my cot.

My cot.

Bill relaxes with a book.

Al sitting back at camp.


The boat stack.


I did remember my camera today, but forgot to put in a fresh battery. Consequently, I only got a few shots until I got a new battery from my truck at the end of the trip.

Final preparations for Monday's launch: Sunscreen.


Movie: Approach to "Town Hall" AKA "High Noon"
The preferred run is down the right side of the boulders. Bill's boat was in the way, and I ended up runing the tricky left side of the drop backwards.

P9030061 WMV movie



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More pictures on Bill's web site
  1. Olympus Stylus 725 SW Digital Photography by Jim McCool

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